Master of Divinity(M.Div.-교역학 석사)

* 학사학위 소지자로 94학점을 이수하므로 학위를 취득할 수 있다.

* 본교 B.A. 소지자는 76학점을 이수하므로 학위를 취득할 수 있다.

* 본교 M.A., M.Miss 및 타 석사학위 이상 소지자는 94학점의 잔여 학점을 이수해야 한다.

  • Master of Divinity Curriculum (Three-Year Plan): 94 Units
Fall Semester Spring Semester
Co. No. Courses Units Co. No. Courses Units
First Year First Year
BI500 Old Testament Survey 3 TH503 Systematic Theology II 3
TH500 Survey of Church History I 3 TH501 Survey of Church History II 3
TH502 Systematic Theology I 3 MS542 The Making of a Leader 3
BI516 Intermediate Greek 3 BI551 Synoptic Gospels 3
BI510 Elements of Hebrew 3 MN556 Power Ministry 3
MN501 Church Administration and I.T. 3 BI511 Advanced Hebrew 3
18 18
Second Year Second Year
BI525 Major Prophets 3 BI555 The Acts of the Apostles 3
MN531 Homiletics 3 TH510 Hermeneutics 3
BI502 Pentateuch 3 MS501 Biblical Principles of Missions 3
TH504 Systematic Theology III 3 MN558 Contemporary Church and Leadership 3
TH530 Ministerial Ethics(Christian Ethics) 3 CE500 Introduction to Christian Education 3
MN506 Ministry Formation I 1 MN507 Ministry Formation II 1
16 16
Third Year Third Year
MS510 Contemporary Theology of Missions 3 MS521 Healing Ministry for World Evangelization 3
BI571 General Epistles 3 MN540 Pastoral Counseling I 3
MN520 Pastoral Theology & Ministry 3 MN560 Cross-Cultural Ministry 3
Elective 3 Elective 3
MN508 Ministry Formation III 1 MN509 Ministry Formation IV 1
13 13