Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies – Missiology (MAISM)

The purpose of Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies-Missiology (MAISM) is to equip students for a variety of Christian ministries in cross-cultural contexts, enabling them to be competent in leadership and communication with intercultural sensitivity. The MAISM program seeks to develop students with varied levels of cross-cultural exposure by

  • Emphasizing both scholarship and practice.
  • Providing foundational knowledge and skills to pursue advanced studies in missiology.
  • Nurturing commitment to pursue Christian ministry in global context.


Program Learning Outcomes

Students will have demonstrated

  • A firm understanding of the mission of God and the ministries of the global church.
  • A clear understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ from an intercultural perspective.
  • Sensitivity to cultural and ethnic diversity for building relationships and for ministry.
  • A high level of competence in communication and leadership in intercultural settings.
  • A personal and spiritual development with competence in theological reflection.
  • A commitment and capacities to pursue vocations that engage the mission of God globally.


Degree Requirements

Students must complete at least 42 semester credit hours with a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 on a scale of 4.0. In addition, students must complete a master’s thesis. The maximum time limit for completion of the MAISM is five years. This time limit may only be extended in special circumstances by petition to the academic dean.



Bible and Theology (12 Credit Hours)
BI 500 Old Testament Survey (3)
BI 501 New Testament Survey (3)
TH 500 Survey of Church History (3)
TH 502 Systematic Theology (3)
Practical Theology (6 Credit Hours)
MN 552 Lifelong Leadership Development (3)
MN 581 Mentoring & Developing Giftedness (3)
Missiology (18 Credit Hours)
MS 501 Biblical Principles of Mission (3)
MS 502 Biblical Strategies of Mission (3)
MS 534 Pauline Theology of Mission (3)
MS 546 Asia Mission History (3)
MS 565 Intercultural Communication (3)
MS 580 Mission Project (3)
Master’s Thesis (6 Credit Hours)


Master’s Thesis

Students in the MAISM are required to complete a thesis, which serves as the culminating project for the degree program. Designed to demonstrate the student’s competence in global mission, thesis should be marked by its integrative quality, drawing together the student’s learning across the MAISM curriculum. The thesis proposal must be approved by the program director. The normal length of the thesis is between 120 and 150 pages. The thesis is examined by the program director/mentor. The student must demonstrate competence in these areas: independent inquiry; mastery of the field of study, use of appropriate scholarly literature; and clear and coherent presentation. 

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