Students cannot be awarded more than one scholarship per semester except in the case of a student employment scholarship. Scholarships are awarded at the beginning of each semester and recipients will receive the credit for the amount of the scholarship toward their tuition. The total scholarship cannot exceed the tuition that the student should pay.


Types of scholarships


  1. President Scholarship:

This scholarship of full tuition for each regular semester is awarded to each of the undergraduate and graduate students who achieved the highest GPA in the previous semester. In order to qualify, he/she must be a full-time student with a complete student file.


  1. Vine Academic Scholarship:

All applicants for scholarships must attain a 2.5 GPA or higher in the previous semester. Students desiring to receive financial assistance must submit a scholarship application at the time of registration each semester. The application is supplied at registration or can be obtained at the administrative office.


Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship Committee consists of President (Chair), Chief Academic Officer, Dean of Students, CFO and Financial Aid Office and has the task of screening the awarding of scholarships, fundraising, and managing scholarship funds.




Our institution does not participate in federal and state financial aid or loan programs.

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