Doctor of Intercultural Studies – Missiology (DICS – M) / 62units

* Emphasis

  • Education
  • Missiology

Program Purpose

The purpose of Doctor of Intercultural Studies – Missiology (DICS – M) is to equip professional missionaries for further research and future teaching opportunities.

Program Goals

The DICS – M program seeks to develop students with foundational knowledge and extensive experience of cross-cultural ministry by

  • advancing their knowledge of missiology as an interdisciplinary study combining theological, historical, and contextual studies.
  • engaging them in critical and constructive interaction with existing scholarship in an area of missiology through original research.
  • fostering an understanding of the vocation of theological scholarship in its dimensions learning, teaching, and research.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students will have demonstrated

  • ability to integrate missiological disciplines related to the subject areas of their research.
  • competence in applying missiological research methods to their ministry contexts.
  • sensitivity to cultural and ethnic diversity as they engage in missiological research.
  • commitment to spiritual formation for their own growth and for the growth of others.


Program Admission Requirements

  • Possession of a graduate Master’s degree in Theology, or Bible or Ministry from a BPPE approved or accredited institution or an international institution whose degrees are equivalent to a Master’s degree earned at a BPPE approved or accredited institution. Applicants must submit official copies of all graduate education in order to have their application deemed as complete.
  • All graduate work must have been completed with a minimum GPA of 2.5.
  • Submission of a personal application form with an application fee of $50.
  • Submission of an essay that details the applicant’s faith, experience and their goals for pursuing ministry training.
  • Submission of three letters of reference, one from a former professor and one from a pastor or minister.
  • Evaluation of personal interview with a team of faculty members
  • Two recent photographs (passport style)

Hours of Instruction

  • The instructions of Doctor of intercultural Studies-M program are given in intensive forms. All students must take the intensive instructions every semester. Total hours to complete Doctor of Intercultural Studies-M program: 50 credit hours (3 years, 6 semesters). The total hours of instruction are 48 hours per course. Students can take 1-4 courses per semester. The regular course weights 3 credits. Full-time student must take 9 credits per semester. Therefore the full-time student must take three regular courses (9 credits) every semester.
  • The Dissertation course (8 credits) is required after completing the regular courses. Student may be considered full time student even though the dissertation course is only 8 units.
  • Total hours of instruction per course: 48 hours (complete a “3 credit-course” in 5 to 16 weeks)
  • The total instruction hours per semester: 9 credit hours
  • 1 week intensive course is also provided (3 credit-course, 5 days)
  • 5~7 week course meet once a week

Method of Instruction

Classes incorporate lectures, instructional work in class, demonstrations, one-on-one tutorials, library research, and comprehensive examinations on the Bible. Except for internships and field trips, all instruction is conducted in a classroom setting.

* Distance Education available

Graduation Requirements

  • Completion of 62 semester units with a minimum GPA of 3.0 in all course work.
  • Completion of all units within 7-year time span from date of entry.
  • Completion of all financial requirements.
  • File an application for intent to graduate with the school office 6 weeks prior to graduation to certify that all graduation requirements have been met.
  • Completion of a final dissertation or research project and submission of written document to the office of the Academic Dean prior to graduation.
  • Two recent photographs (passport style)

Dissertation Project

The final stage of the Doctor of Intercultural Studies-M program consists of the preparation of a dissertation.  The subject matter of the dissertation must be examined and approved by the Doctor of Intercultural Studies-M committee. The dissertation project is considered an applied research and the topic may be the expansion of one of the course projects.

  • The student must establish a clear relationship of the chosen subject with preaching, ministries.
  • The student must prepare a dissertation proposal in consultation with the advisor.
  • The dissertation proposal must include: the proposed title, a statement of the importance of the proposed research, a provisional outline and overall plan of the project, a statement of research methodology, and a preliminary bibliography.
  • The final dissertation should be 150-200 pages in length.
  • Doctor of Intercultural Studies-M Program Graduation Requirements: 62 Units
  • Required Courses: ……………………………………………………………………. 54 Semester Units

Bible and Theolog Requirements: 9 Semester Units

  • BI 500 Old Testament Survey (3)
  • BI 501 New Testament Survey (3)
  • TH 502 Systematic Theology (3)

Practical Theology Requirements: 6 Semester Units

  • MN 552 Lifelong Leadership Development (3)
  • MN 581 Mentoring & Developing Giftedness (3)

Mission Requirements: 39 Semester Units

  • MS 501 Biblical Principles of Missions (3)
  • MS 502 Biblical Strategies of Missions (3)
  • MS 503 Worship and Missions (3)
  • MS 510 Contemporary Theology of Missions (3)
  • MS 514 Folk Religion and Mission I (3)
  • MS 533 A Study of Missiology in Acts (3)
  • MS 534 Pauline Theology of Mission (3)
  • MS 546 Asia Mission History (3)
  • MS 565 Intercultural Communication (3)
  • MS 575 Mission Field and Evangelism (3)
  • MS 577 Missionary’s Cooperative Ministry (3)
  • MS 580 Mission Project I (3)
  • MS 587 Relationship-Centric Missions and the Role of Communication (3)

Dissertation Requirements: 8 Semester Units


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