The mission of Vine University is to equip men and women through intellectual, professional, and spiritual development for ministry in cross-cultural contexts.



Institutional Goal 1. Graduate Education: To maintain academic excellence in graduate studies in intercultural ministries.

Institutional Goal 2. Evangelistic Communication: To encourage faculty and students to commit to understanding and communicating the gospel of Jesus Christ in intercultural contexts.

Institutional Goal 3. Professional Competence: To develop ministry and leadership skills from an intercultural perspective through careful training and supervised experience in ministry.

Institutional Goal 4. Personal Maturity: To maintain a community of learning and faith committed to the personal and spiritual development of each of its members.

Institutional Goal 5. Empowering Organization: To maintain an organization that fulfills its mission by nurturing and empowering its personnel to fulfill their vocational goals.

Institutional Goal 6. Responsible Stewardship: To develop and manage physical, financial, and learning resources through careful planning and proper practices.


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