Mission Statement


The mission of Vine University is to make disciples of all nations in order to glorify the Father. The Great Commission given by Jesus Christ before his ascension “Go and make disciples!” has remained the same. To fulfill this commission, Vine University exists to make disciples of all nations. Therefore, Soli Deo Gloria! (All glory to God!)

There is a great number of Theological Seminary Schools in U.S. as well as all around the world. Their sole purpose is to train pastors and to teach theological education. In other words, it is focused on raising church leaders. However, the fulfillment of our Lord’s Great Commission toward world mission has not been reached due to the shortage of trained missionaries. Vine University therefore, on that very purpose of world mission has its foundation and on the belief of training missionaries is the answer.

Moreover, Vine University does not seek to gain any monetary profit or to become a school in a grand scale.  It is dedicated to train missionaries equipped for the world mission and to raise local leaders in the Third World countries.



The Goals of Vine University are

  • Train and raise missionaries.

Emphasize education in line with practical field research and training to produce highly effective missionaries.

  • Offer opportunity to missionaries to be re-trained and further their ecumenical education and research.

Re-enforce the continuing mission work by nurturing the current missionaries so that they are able to remain in the field for a long term commitment.

  • Educate, train and produce future church leaders. Set up a support system to meet mission field needs in a long term perspective.

For practical applications, Vine University will

  • Enroll the local residents to the university and provide proper education in the purpose of world mission.

Design programs to broaden their world view and culture to better spread the God’s words in the various parts of the world.

  • Send the Vine University faculty and teaching staff to the mission field.

Design special programs for them to go and to have the first hand mission experience as well as to educate the local church leaders.

Vine University will stand as the “School of Mission”. Therefore, the Kingdom of God will be established on this earth and the world will be saved by the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. The mission of Vine University is indeed, the World Mission.

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