Forms & Files

Forms for Admission 입학관련 서류

Application Form(입학원서)

Enrollment Agreement


VC_90_02_Admission Document Checklist 입학 서류 점검표

VC_90_05_The Policy of Credit Transfer 전학시의 학점인정 방침

VC_90_07_Sample Resume


Forms for Registration 등록 관련 서식


V_Registration Form


Forms for Request 요청 품

VC_90_31_Student ID/Library ID Application

VC_90_32_Transcript & Official Document Request Form

VC_90_33_Graduation Request Form 졸업신청서

VC_90_34_Leave of Absence Application 휴학신청서

VC_90_35_Withdraw Application 자퇴 신청서

VC_90_36_Program Change Application Form 학위 과정 변경 신

VC_90_37_Dissertation Proposal Approval Sheet 학위 논문 승인 제안서

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