Location and Facilities


Vine University is located at 14252 Erwin Street Van Nuys, California 91401. The campus is bounded on the east by Tyrone Avenue on the south by Erwin Street. It is located right across the Van Nuys Police Department adjacent to the public parking lots.


Vine University

14253 Erwin St. Van Nuys, CA 91401

T. 818-781-1515.

F. 818-781-1519

Website: www.vine.ac

Email: office@vine.ac




The University is housed in the subdivision of Van Nuys United Methodist Church. Within this massive complex the University occupies an University (administrative/admission) office, president office, five classrooms (seating 20-40 students in each), a chapel, a conference room, a student lounge, a faculty lounge, libraries, and indoor/outdoor physical exercise facilities.

Parking at the campus can host up to 100 cars in two lots.


Class Rooms

Our class rooms are located on 1F and 2F South Wing at Education Building.

Class rooms consist of two large classrooms (seating 30-40 students in each) and 3 regular classrooms (seating 10-20 students in each)



Our faculty and main offices are located on 2F South Wing at Education Building.

University offices are the administrative and admission offices, financial office, Dean of students.



University chapels and conferences are intended to bring the Vine University community together occasionally for conferences, seminars and educational forum regarding relevant issues in world mission and Christian perspective.

The overall program brings a unique distinction to the ethos of Vine University as a Christian University.



The Vine University Library provides educational, cultural and information services and resources to the students and faculty. Its primary mission is to support and supplement classroom and independent learning; facilitate student and faculty research; and provide students with lifelong skills in identifying, locating, evaluating and synchronizing information.


Main Library is located on the 2F South Wing and Church Library is located on the 1F North Wing

Library Collections

The Vine University Library has a physical collection containing 18,000 volumes, of which over 10,000 are Theological books, over 4,000 Bible Commentaries, over 3,000 bound periodical volumes and over 1,000 volumes are international books in Korean Language.


The library holds over 18,000 books. Persons associated with Vine University (students, faculty, and staff) have borrowing privileges.

Internet Service

Internet Service is available at Vine University. Students may contact the staff for information on usage and availability.

Lending Policies

All borrowers must show a student ID or ID to check out books. Vine University students, faculty and staff can check out up to five books for three weeks. Vine University library patrons may check out up to two books for one week. The overdue fine for circulating books is $.10 cents a day for each book. Renewals can be made only one time for one week only unless another patron requests them. Lost or severely damaged books will be charged a minimum of $15.00 or the actual price for a replacement, whichever is greater.

Library Hours

8:00AM – 3:00PM Mon thru Fri

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