Full Time Faculty

Chong Moo Park
Missionary Training, Seminary Planting
2004: Faith Theological Seminary (Th. D.)
1985: Fuller Theological Seminary (D. Min.)
1975: Presbyterian Theological Seminary (M. Div.)
1973: Presbyterian Theological Seminary (M. A.)
1971: Kook Min University (B. A.)
1966: Young Nam Theological Seminary (B. Th.)


Daniel Soonjung Lee
Missions, Practice Theology
1988: Fuller Theological Seminary (D. Miss.)
1983: Fuller Theological Seminary (Th. M.)
1972: Presbyterian Theological Seminary (M. Div.)
1968: Han Nam University (B. A.)


Isaac Chun Young Hwang
Systematic Theology, Practical Theology
Jun. 1998: Kae Myung University, Tae Gu, Korea (B. A.)
Feb. 1992: Korean Presbyterian Theological Seminary (M. Div.)
Sep. 1977: Yonsei Theological Seminary (Th. M.)
Dec. 1987: ACTS & Fuller Theological Seminary (D. Min.)


Byeong Yeoul Son
Theology of Education
2004: Fuller Theological Seminary (D. Min.)
1992: Presbyterian College and Theological Seminary (M. Div.)
1988: Dong-Ah University (B. A.)


Benjamin Young Kyu Lee
Lifelong Leadership Development
2006: Fuller Theological Seminary (Ph. D.)
2001: Fuller Theological Seminary (Th. M.)
1994: Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (M. Div.)
1986: Busan National University (B.A.)


Part-Time Faculty


Hyung Dong Kim
Systematic Theology, History, Philosophy
1992 – 1998: Drew University (Ph. D.)
1988 – 1990: Yale University Divinity School (S. T. M.)
1982 – 1988: Presbyterian Theological Seminary (M. Div.) 
1978 – 1982: Gae Myung University (B. A., English Literature) 


Jong Dae Seo
Pastoral Counseling, Inner-healing and Ministry
2002: Fuller Theological Seminary(Ph. D. in Intercultural Studies)
1995: Fuller Theological Seminary(Th. M. in Miss.)
1988: Chongshin Theological Seminary, Seoul, Korea(M.Div.)
1980: Chongshin University, Seoul, Korea(B.A.)


Jung Hun Ahn
Korean Worldview and Cross-Cultural
Communication of Mission
1964: Seoul National University (B.A. English Literature)
1967: Seoul National University (M.A. English Literature)
1974: Pennsylvania University (D. English Literature)


Ho Jin Jun
Folk Religion and Mission
Contemporary of Mission 
Wales Evangelical School of Theology (Ph. D.)
Fuller Theological Seminary (D. Miss.)
Westminster Theological Seminary (Th. M.)
Korea Presbyterian Theological Seminary (M. Div.)
Korea Presbyterian Theological Seminary (B. A.)


James Koo
Church Administration and I.T.
Korea University (B.A.)
Graduate School of Dongguk University (M.B.A.)
Graduate School of Dongguk University (Ph.D. International Business)
Pacific States University (Accounting Certification)
Pacific States University (D.B.A.)


Joseph Oh
Systematic Theology
Hannam University (B.A.)
Korea Baptist University and Theological Seminary (M.Div.)
Korea Baptist University and Theological Seminary (M.Th. in Miss.)
Asia Baptist Graduate Theological Seminary (D. Th. in Systematic Th.)


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